12 inch NUPROL Small Pistol Hard Case Black
[12" NUPROL Pistol Hard Case]
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12" NUPROL Small Pistol Hard Case Black

NUPROL - Small Pistol Hard Case 31cm x 21cm - Black is a Pistol Carry Case designed to safely and securely carry Pistols for easy transport between your Home and Game Sites.
The case is constructed from Polymer, and features Egg Shell Foam Internals.
The case features a Carry Handle, which has two holes which allow the case to be secured using Locks or Padlocks in order to prevent your case being opened by unauthorized users.
The top of the case features Dual Sliding Latches for closing the case, which keep it secure and closed and are easier and quicker to use than Zips.
The front and back of the Case features a raised alternating pattern, which allows the cases to interlock when stored, preventing slipping and making them easier to store.
This case is the perfect purchase for any Pistol for Transport
•Dual Sliding Latches
•Pad Lock Handle Holes
•Egg Shell Foam
•Hard wearing plastic shell to protect your items inside
•Easy sliding latches
•Dual padlock holes
•External Size: 310 x 249 x 80mm
•Internal Size: 304 x 192 x 71mm
•Weight: 850g